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Canadian Gin – All Gin Brands From Canada

Canadian gin is known around the world for its artistic notes and distinctive distillery style. Canadians may not be able to source a large number of traditional ingredients from their home provinces depending on the weather, but the resourcefulness of the distilleries more than makes up for that. If you come to Canada, you are sure to experience a mature and unique style the further down you dig into the craft gin market.

What is the best Canadian gin?

The World Gin Awards found the Classic Gin from the Steinhart Distillery to be the best Classic Gin from Canada. Spring 34 from Levenswater took the top spot for Compound Gin, Seaside Gin from the Sheringham Distillery was the best Contemporary Style, GIN375 from Cirka for Flavoured Gin, and London Dry Style from Parlour Gin for the category of London Style Gin. Ungava has been making waves in the international market as an unorthodox but incredibly distinctive and vibrant spirit. It is made from six botanicals that are extremely rare, so you won’t get this flavor anywhere else.

Where to buy Canadian gin?

Canadian gin has a great deal of reach, but you need to know exactly where to look to get the best deals. For your convenience, we have curated a list of top Canadian gin retailers from around the world. No matter where you are, you can get great service and great prices from these retailers.

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Canadian Gin

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Date Established
Ampersand Gin is an award winning instant classic, that brings together BC grown wheat with eight cultivated or wild harvested botanicals and spring water.
You can expect to smell an aroma of flavors on the nose whenever you sip this expertly crafted gin. You can experience flavors such as rose water and juniper that will rush your taste buds […]
Long Table
This gold award winning, crafted in BC gin offers complex balance of nine botanicals, including two peppers. Made with fresh BC cucumbers sourced from the Sunshine Coast, this gin has fresh […]
St. Laurent
The Canadian styling of this gin bring together nine unique botanicals as it is distilled in a rather unique double gin-basket. The botanicals include lemon, bitter orange zest, cubeb berri […]
Hailing from Canada, Ungava is a lesson in duality. It’s traditional and contemporary. It’s bitter and floral; soothing and spicy. Immediately you’ll notice Ungava’s distinct yellow hue - […]
Willing To Learn
This modern citrus infused gin contains grapefruit, orange, and other botanicals that will bring a rush of flavor to your tongue whenever you mix this with any cocktail. Excellent for: Sipp […]
This Canadian gin comes from the Steinhart Distillery, which is perched over the Northumberland coastline. While not as sea-driven as many Scottish gins, you'll be able to taste the local w […]
This gin was created in Niagra Falls and delivers on all levels of excellence. It is derived from natural potato spirit and has 34 botanicals that are infused in it to create an aromatic gi […]
This handcrafted gin is made with a focus on citrusy flavors that will rush your tongue and leave it satisfied whenever you taste this crisp concoction. Excellent for: Mixing into your favo […]
Crafted in the heart of Montreal, Cirka Gin is very much a French Canadian gin. The company fully embraces the French side of its historical background (as does much of Montreal). The compa […]
Eau Claire Distillery
A London-dry style gin, it augments more traditional gin botanicals creating a juniper berry induced dryness, but with unique hints of rosehip, Saskatoon berry, coriander, lemon, orange, mi […]
Dragon Mist
Dragon Mist Gin is made with wheat grown in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, pure Canadian glacial water, plus west coast botanicals to impart the delicate gin flavour and aroma. It is certi […]
Gin 7 was specifically engineered by Q to ensure a happier Bond at the Baccarat table. The result is a smooth sophisticated “London-er” that’s hit the country for the weekend. Perfection fo […]
Black Fox
Smokey nose, followed by vanilla and sweet caramel notes, finishing with a beautiful floral descent. Aged for six to eight months in a virgin American White Oak barrel after the spirit vapo […]
A Nova Scotia version of classic London Dry Gin. Extras include NS juniper berries, hand picked local rose hips and a light infusion of balsam fir bud eau de vie. Light and delicious, perfe […]
Georgian Bay
This London Dry style gin is bursting with juniper and citrus notes. Pop the cork and you will be transported to a rock on Georgian Bay – the smell of pine in the air and the sound of waves […]

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