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Contemporary Gin
Cirka Gin

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Cirka Gin, which comes to us from Canada, takes advantage of a number of Quebec-based botanicals. In fact, the gin starts with a local corn grain and then pulls in more than 30 botanicals to help give it its final profile. Cirka doesn’t provide a full listing of its botanicals, so you’ll need to have an open imagination as you piece the tasting profile together. We detect traditional juniper and other base dry botanicals, but there is a hearty pine taste to it. Give it a try. What flavors do you take from the over 30 botanicals?

Pairs Well With

This is a hearty gin, so whip yourself up a Cirka gin cocktail and sip it while chowing down on some Canadian poutine. Never had poutine before? Well this is the perfect opportunity to make your own. Fries (or tater tots), cheese curds, gravy, and your favorite meat.

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