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Steinhart Gin

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Some of the best gins of the world are forged in the cold. It helps bring out hearty botanicals that heavily influence the final taste. Steinhart Distillery, based out of Canada, checks off these boxes. With its traditional Steinhart Classic Gin you will instantly discover the strong juniper taste. In fact, it will likely hit your nose before your tongue. However, with your first sip you’ll likely taste the floral elements, plus a bit of citrus. The distillers use anise and white pepper to add a warming complexity to the gin.

Pairs Well With

We love the traditional gin taste, so it’s easy to whip it up in a classic martini and then sip on it while eating a mild cheese. It even goes well with a sandwich using a creamy goat cheese. The peppery bite and juniper elements of the gin really blend nicely together, plus the creamy cheese is a great palette cleanser to ensure you enjoy every sip of the gin.

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