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A great way to learn more about gin is to try new gins. Our searchable directory is continually updated and covers everything from legacy brands to intriguing upstarts, from London dry gin to innovative international offerings. Explore and expand your gin knowledge.

Monkey 47 - Schwarzwald Dry Gin

4 Superior

Poor Toms

3.8 Superior

The Naturalist

3.6 Superior

Malaria Gin

4.7 Exceptional

Drebbel Gin

4.5 Exceptional

The classic you never heard of: The Gin Twist

In 1923, the Gin Twist was all the rage. Mentioned in multiple novels and periodicals, this drink consisting of gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and hot water was the Beyoncé of cocktails—if Beyoncé was even more famous.

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Gin Observer has traveled the globe to learn about the world’s best gin bars. Whether you want a classic gin joint or a contemporary gem, you can find it in our searchable database.

Palmers Gin Bar

3.5 Superior

The Gin Library

3.3 Superior

Tiger - Gin Bar

4 Superior

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If you’d like to expand your cocktail horizons, please read Gin Observer’s collection of compelling gin cocktail recipes, how-to videos, and expert tips. These cocktails are crafted specifically to pair with gin and are as suitable for cocktail neophytes as they are for professional mixologists.

The gin and tonic has saved more Englishman's lives and minds than all the doctors in the Empire.

Winston Churchill

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Whether you’re a history buff or simply interested in the world of gin, our gin blog is a great resource to learn about your favorite spirit!