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Ampersand Gin

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Ampersand Gin, made by the family-owned Ampersand Distilling Company in British Columbia, is a unique and sophisticated take on the classic gin flavor profile. Using local wheat as the base spirit and a carefully curated selection of botanicals, including juniper, coriander, angelica, lemon, and orris root, the company has created a gin that is bold and complex, with a warm and spicy undercurrent.

On the nose, Ampersand Gin has a classic gin aroma, with notes of angelica, lemon peel, and juniper. The palate is initially greeted with a pine-laden juniper hit, but this quickly gives way to the mid-palate, which is dominated by notes of coriander and citrus peel. The finish is crisp and dry, closing with a pleasant spicy astringency.

In cocktails, Ampersand Gin shines. Its bold botanical flavor profile makes it a great choice for a Gin and Tonic or other gin-based mixed drinks. It also works well in more complex cocktails, such as the Last Word, where the other ingredients help to balance out the bold flavors of the gin.

Overall, Ampersand Gin is a high-quality spirit that is perfect for gin lovers looking for something a little different. Its bold and complex flavor profile makes it a great choice for sipping neat or mixing into cocktails. Give it a try and discover the unique flavors of this British Columbian gin for yourself.

Pairs Well With

The warming notes of Ampersand make it a beautiful cold-weather gin. So try a dirty gin martini served along side your spring roll appetizers or artichoke dip. You’ll be ready for the main course, and maybe a second martini

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