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Levenswater Gin

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Looking around for a gluten free gin? Having trouble figuring out what a spirit is made out of? Well have no fear,┬áLevenswater is here. This particular gin is made using potatoes. So, think of it as a potato-based vodka before all the distillation and botanicals are used. There are a number of other gins that are made out of grains, so you’ll want to stay clear of this.┬áLevenswater is not only a gin-based spirit, but it then infuses the spirit with a whopping 34 botanicals. We’re not even going to try to cover every single one of them, but there is some fragrant coriander, lavender, chamomile, rosemary, and coriander. it’s like if essential oils and potato gin decided to craft the perfectly married beverage.

Pairs Well With

A spring walk through your garden as the morning sun warms dew off the newly blossomed flowers. You can sip a crisp and chilled gin martini and maybe munch on one of the just ripe cucumbers as you wander.

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