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Icelandic Gin – All Gin Brands From Iceland

Gin from Iceland is now one of the country’s traditional ways to express its proud national heritage. Many of the best spirits from Iceland make it a point to feature lichens and other ingredients native to the tundra of the area.

What is the best Icelandic gin?

The World Gin Awards brought attention to many of the varied gin brands that Iceland has cultivated. The Old Tom Gin from Himbrimi took the top spot for Compound Gin. The Westbourne Dry Gin from Martin Miller’s Gin won in Contemporary Style, while 9 Moons Aged Gin from the same distillery won in the Matured Gin category.

Where to buy Icelandic gin?

There is a great selection of Icelandic gin all around the Internet – the trick is to know where to look. To help you find the best spirits from Iceland, we have curated a list of top Icelandic gin retailers from around the world. These are people we know have great prices and amazing service.

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Icelandic Gin

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Himbrimi Gin comes from Iceland. It is one of the few traditional gins that comes from the island nation. The gin is small batch and is infused with a number of botanicals such as arctic th […]
Icelandic Eagle
When you're craving a new gin but one that remains true to the traditional juniper taste, Icelandic Eagle Gin is one to try. It has an almost frosty taste to it, along with pepper, sage, an […]
Martin Miller's
Martin Miller's Gin goes through a rather interesting creation process. First, the gin is distilled in pots in England. Then, the product is sent to Iceland, where it is mixed with local Ic […]
Vor is made from 100% Icelandic barley. The barley is grown at the arctic circle in a cold climate, resulting in a hardy and full flavoured base for our gin. All our botanicals are handpick […]
Old Islandia
This gin is both for classic lovers and those who are looking for a slightly different flavor profile. It is made with some of the standard botanicals, including coriander seeds, juniper, a […]
The idea behind Glacier Gin is that the owners wanted to create the perfect gin for a G&T to have after spending a day out in nature with friends. During the development of Glacier Gin […]
Marberg is a London Dry styled gin, brought into being with the marriage of glacial water, wild Icelandic botanicals, and fruits and spices from distant shores. With the first sip you’re tr […]
Og natura
Wild Gin We collect our botanicals from Iceland’s untamed landscape and blend them with pure spring water to create this handcrafted, amber gin. Our Wild Gin is unfiltered and untamed and b […]
64° Reykjavik Distillery
As Iceland’s only native evergreen tree, juniper is well adapted to the harsh natural environment, growing low and shrub-like as arctic winds whip across the lava fields. Even if weather co […]
A clear and soft Icelandic gin with a hint of sweet, lemon and eggplant.  
Stuðlaberg Gin is made with the finest ingredients combined with Icelandic spring water, recognised worldwide for its unrivalled purity, Micro adjustments for the perfect blend and balance […]

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