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Contemporary Gin
Stuðlaberg Gin

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Are you a water snob? Do you turn your head and nose at store brand bottled water, and anything out of tap is simply unheard of? If you are, there’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like. And if you’re not, well, that’s okay too. You can still appreciate the quality of water used in Stuðlaberg gin. This particular gin from Iceland uses some of the cleanest, purest, water in the world. However, it’s not just super filtered. That filtration might remove the bacteria, but it also removes the flavor. Water lovers understand there is a certain mineral makeup of water that helps enhance it. You’ll get exactly that with Stuðlaberg. The botanicals are some of the usual suspects, but the juniper and others are enhanced with the quality of the used water.

Pairs Well With

Drop in some fruit and let the fruit become infused with this gin. Or just make yourself a bramble while mumching on a slice of watermelon.

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