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Old Islandia Gin

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Old Islandia

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Old Islandia



There’s something to be said about holding onto traditional distillation practices. There absolutely have been improvements over the years, and yet there are times where the way something was made decades (if not longer) ago is best. You’ll find this to be true with Old Islandia. The highlight of this gin is the pure Icelandic spring water. While other gins might do what they can to highlight the seperate botanicals, Old Islandia is made to highlight the water. This is done by distilling the gin down seven times for improved quality, while also filtering out unwanted materials using a laver rock filtration process. This allows the locally sourced juniper, angelica, coriander, ginger, and a handful of “top secret” botanicals to fully stand out.

Pairs Well With

After a rough sporting event outing, break out the ice pack, rest your sore body, and enjoy a refreshing Old Islandia Tom Collins and popcorn as you rewatch the game film.

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