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Contemporary Gin
Ísafold Gin

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There are juniper-heavy gins, and then there is Ísafold. This is a smack-you-in-the-face kind of juniper-heavy gin. There is still a slight spiced citrus taste to it, but your taste buds will be blasted with juniper. We want to make sure you’re well aware of that. For some this will be amazing. For those who look for a slightly less pronounced juniper taste it will be best to look elsewhere. It is almost a London Dry in style, although it likely doesn’t have the same traditional botanical profile (Ísafold doesn’t fully list what botanicals it does use, so you’ll need to let your tongue decide).

Pairs Well With

You might want something to bring down that pine taste, so a neutral cream cheese might work. Smear a good amount on your favorite bagel or baked bread and enjoy with a nice Ísafold gimlet or any of your other go to gin cocktails.

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