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Embarking on a journey with Port of Entry Gin, one cannot help but feel transported to the coastal vibes of Wilmington, North Carolina, where this exquisite spirit calls home. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to quality, Port of Entry stands as a beacon of the End of Days Distillery’s mastery over the art of distillation. This gin is a symphony of meticulously chosen botanicals, harmonizing in a bottle that promises an adventure with every sip.

At its core, Port of Entry boasts a 41% ABV, rooted in a 100% corn base distilled six times to achieve unparalleled smoothness. The selection of botanicals – juniper, cardamom, rose hips, and lemongrass – weaves a complex tapestry of flavors, each sip unveiling layers of depth and sophistication. This gin’s light viscosity belies its rich bouquet, offering a drinking experience that is as delightful neat as it is mixed in a cocktail.

The gin’s profile is a reflection of its terroir, with each botanical contributing its unique voice to the overall melody. Juniper, the gin’s backbone, lays the foundation with its woodsy and crisp notes, while cardamom adds a touch of exotic spice that tingles the palate. Rose hips infuse a delicate floral essence, beautifully complemented by the citrusy, earthy notes of lemongrass. Together, these elements craft a gin that is balanced, yet daringly complex.

Cocktail aficionados will find Port of Entry Gin to be a versatile companion in their creations. Whether it’s the classic Gin & Tonic, a Martini, or more elaborate concoctions, this gin elevates every drink to an art form. Its ability to mingle harmoniously with various mixers while still allowing its distinctive botanicals to shine through is a testament to its exceptional quality.

In summary, Port of Entry Gin is not just a spirit; it’s an invitation to explore the richness of flavors and the craftsmanship of distilling. Its awards – including Double Gold at the SIP Awards and recognition from the American Distilling Institute – speak to its excellence and the passion behind its creation. A bottle of Port of Entry is more than just gin; it’s a journey, a discovery, and a celebration of the craft.

Cocktail Pairings and Ratings:
G&T / Highball variations: 4/5
Martini variations: 4.5/5
– Shaken cocktails: 4/5
Negroni variations: 4.5/5

In the world of gins, Port of Entry distinguishes itself as a standout spirit, imbued with the soul of its makers and the essence of its origin. Whether enjoyed on a quiet evening or as the star of your next cocktail party, it promises a memorable experience that beckons you back, sip after sip.

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