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Contemporary Gin
Cold River Gin

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Cold River

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Cold River



Cold River Gin is far warmer than the name implies. And not to mention stronger.

Crafted from a potato base spirit, this well-crafted, gluten-free spirit is infused with seven sustainably-sourced botanicals before being triple-distilled. The end result in a beverage that offers a myriad of flavors: a playful citrus front, decisive juniper middle, and a spiced finish that lingers long after the sip.

In whole, Cold River is quite a brawny drink. It’s very juniper-forward, heavy on the spice, and clearly inspired by the orthodox gin experience. Though probably more suited for those with experience drinking gin, it’s a bold choice for gin students looking to dive in with gusto.


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Despite its strong character, Cold River Gin is quite friendly, and adds new dimensions to a cocktail such as an earthy Celery Gin Daisy. This combination of cooling and warmth goes nicely on an afternoon as the seasons change. That said, it’s definitely just as welcome at an art gallery or other cultural event.

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