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Madam Pattirini Gin

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Madam Pattirini

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Madam Pattirini



Madam Pattirini was the drag queen name of Morris Young, son of Mormon leader Brigham Young.

That’s a complex origin story and leads to a complex – and very fun – gin. Made in small batches with a blend of traditional botanicals, i.e. Juniper and coriander, and more original additions, such as pure ginger and smoky bergamot, Madam Pattirini leads with nutty coriander before transitioning into a citrus melody with only slight juniper undertones. It then ends on a distinctly evergreen note that’s more mellow than what one may imagine.

All-in-all, this is an unusual yet completely accessible gin that we recommend for newcomers and gin lovers alike.


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While Madam Pattirini is mellow enough to sip neat, we honor its inspiration by casting it in a garish Gin Daisy. And, considering the real-world Madam Pattirini’s bravery, we also recommend enjoying her namesake gin while following your own passion – whether it’s performing as another gender or something more lowkey.

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