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Short for Notable and Unusual Distillery, NAUD gin is a Frensh born spirit that fully lives up to its distillery’s name. While it does come with familiar botanicals including juniper and coriander, these tastes are secondary to the more floral, citrus notes of the gin. Tastes of hisbuscus are present throughout every sip. If you enjoy a hisbuscus tea or like the reduction of peppery juniper, this gin may fit your needs perfectly. The multi-award winning gin is relitively new to the scene, but the 44% ABV spirit will likely remain for some time.

Pairs Well With

A summertime treat of a gin, this floral, yet not too sweet gin goes well with your outdoor cookouts. So sip on your favorite gin cocktail while whipping up burgers or enjoying some potato salad. The tastes are subtle enough to let you enjoy your food while still giving you something refreshing to sip on.

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