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Contemporary Gin
Cap d’Ona, Gin Agrum

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Cap d’Ona, Gin Agrum

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Cap d’Ona, Gin Agrum



Cap d’Ona, Gin Agrum, hails from Brasserie-Distillerie Cap d’Ona in the French Catalonia region. This gin, celebrated for its rich botanical blend and citrus-forward profile, is an excellent example of contemporary French gin-making.

Taste Notes

Gin Agrum offers a distinctive flavor profile:
Nose: The aroma is filled with vibrant citrus notes, predominantly orange, complemented by subtle floral hints.
Palate: The taste is a refreshing mix of juniper and bitter citrus peel, enriched by the unique botanicals like Coscoll and cherry blossom, giving it a layered and complex flavor.
Finish: The finish is smooth and lingering, with a balance of citrus and floral notes that provide a refreshing end.

Suggested Cocktail Pairings

1. Gin & Tonic: Enhance the gin’s natural citrus notes with premium tonic water and garnish with a slice of orange or a twist of citrus peel.
2. Citrus Martini: Mix with dry vermouth and garnish with a lemon twist to highlight the gin’s zesty character.
3. Negroni: The bitterness of orange peel complements the Campari and vermouth, creating a balanced and complex cocktail.

Overall Rating

Cap d’Ona, Gin Agrum is a standout contemporary gin that offers a vibrant and refreshing citrus profile. Its complex blend of botanicals, including unique elements like Coscoll and cherry blossom, makes it a versatile and enjoyable gin for various cocktails.

Cap d’Ona’s dedication to quality and innovation is evident in Gin Agrum, making it a must-try for gin enthusiasts.

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