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Harahorn Gin

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There’s something refreshing about distillers using local junipers to help bring with it a unique flavor all its own. That is exactly what Harahorn Norwegian Gin does. The Norwegian distillers utilized locally grown juniper, which helps keep the flavor grounded with a traditional taste, while the local blueberries help mellow out the gin. As these are Norwegian blueberries the fruit used is not as large or sweet as that found in warmer climates, so the subtle tartness of these blueberries blends nicely with the juniper. Not to be outdone though, the gin also uses wild marjoram, Grimstad, bladderwrack, angelical, and rhubarb.

Pairs Well With

While this isn’t a desert gin you’ll love to pair it with your favorite desert tart. The rhubarb and blueberries bring down the pine-taste of the juniper and make it a delicious gin to sip while you’re trading in bites from a lemon tart.

Country of Origin
icon Juniper
icon Rhubarb

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