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Glas we gin

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Give you one guess where this gin is made. Give up? Well, if you guessed Glasgow, you’d be right. If not, you can make up for it by giving this Scottish gin a sample. Because it very much is a Scottish spirit. It uses a total of eight botanicals, including Scottish milk thistle. And, in case you didn’t know, the Scottish Milk thistle is actually the national symbol for Scotland (it’s on money, it’s on the tomb of Mary Queen of Scots, it’s everywhere, including this gin). On top of it there’s coriander, juniper, chamomile, pink peppercorns, bay leaf, orange flower, and angelica.

Pairs Well With

There’s a fresh, earthy, and yet slight citrus taste to this gin. We think this pairs perfectly with lemonade after cutting the lawn. Maybe even a Tom Collins. Although you can be doing any outdoor chore to work up a sweat and want to fix yourself such a cocktail.

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