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What makes GIASS a remarkable gin is the spirit’s simplicity, despite having 18 different botanicals distilled for three full days together prior to being bottled. The ability to pull 18 different botanicals together and make them work well together is the kind of orchestration all gin lovers are sure to enjoy. The Italian gin uses some familiar flavors, like juniper, and yet it brings with it several Italian based botanicals that remind you of the warmth and sun Italy is known for. Mixed in your favorite cocktail or enjoyed with a bit of tonic water, it’s amazing how versatile this gin is. It’s the flexible backbone you might want in your gin collection. Of course, the best way to figure that one out is to give it a try.

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The first day of summer, sitting out on your patio, balcony, or even with the window open as you feel the warmth of summer on your skin. All while munching on your favorite fruits and drinking a GIASS martini.

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