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Spanish Gin – All Gin Brands From Spain

The Spanish are known to be huge consumers of gin, and they have a wide selection of great domestic products to choose from. The country is known for adding various fruity and tangy flavors to the gin spirit, so if you have a bit of a sweet tooth (or you are mixing a sweet cocktail), you may be able to pull a bit more flavor from a Spanish gin base.

What is the best Spanish gin?

The World Gin Awards gave Mallorca from Gin Eva the award for best gin in the Contemporary Style Gin category. Extra Cherry from Spirito Vetton was the top Spanish gin in the Flavoured Gin category. London Dry Gin from Monti won for London Dry Gin, and La Mallorquina from Gin Eva took the top spot for Signature Botanical. If you are just beginning your journey into Spanish gin, you must also be sure to try the famous and widely respected Gin Mare.

Where to buy Spanish gin?

Spanish gin is well known across the Internet. You must know where to look in order to find the right mix of price and quality. however, We have curated a list of top Spanish gin retailers from around the world for your convenience. They are sure to have the brand that you are looking for with a price that is fair regardless of where you are ordering from in the world.

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