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Spanish Gin – All Gin Brands From Spain

The Spanish are known to be huge consumers of gin, and they have a wide selection of great domestic products to choose from. The country is known for adding various fruity and tangy flavors to the gin spirit, so if you have a bit of a sweet tooth (or you are mixing a sweet cocktail), you may be able to pull a bit more flavor from a Spanish gin base.

What is the best Spanish gin?

The World Gin Awards gave Mallorca from Gin Eva the award for best gin in the Contemporary Style Gin category. Extra Cherry from Spirito Vetton was the top Spanish gin in the Flavoured Gin category. London Dry Gin from Monti won for London Dry Gin, and La Mallorquina from Gin Eva took the top spot for Signature Botanical. If you are just beginning your journey into Spanish gin, you must also be sure to try the famous and widely respected Gin Mare.

Where to buy Spanish gin?

Spanish gin is well known across the Internet. You must know where to look in order to find the right mix of price and quality. however, We have curated a list of top Spanish gin retailers from around the world for your convenience. They are sure to have the brand that you are looking for with a price that is fair regardless of where you are ordering from in the world.

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Spanish Gin

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Date Established
5th Gin
This is our base gin, a very pure London Dry Gin, with which we make the whole of the 5th range. Ideal for those seeking a neutral but multipurpose dry gin.
You will find the Spanish Alkkemist Gin is a bit more complex than your standard gin. That's because it uses 21 different botanicals to flavor its triple-distilled grain alcohol. Some of th […]
All the way from Spain comes Berry Pickers Gin, made with fresh strawberries grown in Huelva (it's in the south-west of Spain, for those of you that aren't quite up to scratch with your Spa […]
This gin is very much a gin-lovers gin. You'll pull strong juniper tastes from the spirit, and yet with its distillation near the Mediterranean there very much is a dash of exoticness to it […]
When you come across Cubical Kiss Gin it will look more like an oversized bottle of perfume than of gin. But that's exactly what the Spanish distiller wants. It uses botanicals such as juni […]
Enjoyably sweet and fruity, this Spanish gin from the Fragaria range is unabashedly based around the deliciousness of strawberries! With generous helpings of juniper and other select botani […]
Looking for a different take on traditional gin? If that's the case, Fresha Strawberry Gin may be the answer. This is a Spanish gin with strawberries used as a main botanical. There are sev […]
Gin Eva's unique flavour comes from Mallorca juniper berries, botanicals and locally grown citric fruits. All ingredients are distilled in a traditional copper pot still by Eva and Stefan, […]
In a world full of trends, being classic is being original. Gin prepared following the traditional London Dry Gin method. Classic. Extra-dry. Elegant.
A unique gin with Mirabelle and alvarinho distillation base to own estates in Rias Baixas, juniper, and essential to our selection of plants such as coriander, licorice, gorse, lemon. Ginab […]
GINRAW is made in small batches to ensure the excellence, quality and taste in each bottle, that defines our reason for being.
Valencia has crafted one of the boldest gins on the market. Here you will taste 9 botanicals that have a focus on the more orange side of flavors. The citrus is strong with this one and abs […]
This gin is masterfully created with ingredients in Spain. You can find juniper, peppermint, cardamom, and other fantastic botanicals that will end up enriching your drink and have you comi […]
Jodhpur is a gin distilled in England with thirteen different botanicals: Angelica from Saxony, Angelica from Belgium, bitter almond, coriander from Bulgaria, coriander from Morocco, cassia […]
The botanicals included in this gin are juniper, coriander and orange peel. Served nicely with a slice of orange and a premium tonic.
Le Tribute
Le Tribute Gin is produced by one of the oldest distilleries in Spain. With it, the gin brings about ideas of coastal Spain, with botanicals including tangerine and lemongrass, plus the sme […]
Macaronesian Gin
A gin produced in the Canary Island using Macaronesian botanicals and water filtered through local volcanic rocks.
Gin Mare is born from a pure Mediterranean environment with the distillery located in an acient fishing village between the Costa Brava and the Costa Dorado.
For three generations the Mascaró family has been devoted to produce a full range of high quality spirits in Vilafranca del Penedès (Spain). For many years Antonio Mascaró produced a Dry Gi […]
MOM God Save The Gin is a Spanish gin made in the traditional London Dry Gin style. While it does aim for a more traditional taste, this particular gin has softer juniper notes while redcur […]

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