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BerryPickers Gin

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Sometimes gin names are mysterious, leaving you guessing as to what it might taste like and what kind of experience you’ll have. Others, are a bit more on the nose. That’s exactly the category¬†BerryPickers falls under. From Spain’s Southwest region, this is a gin that keeps to it’s gin-like characteristic, so you’ll always know you’re drinking a gin, and yet it absolutely takes advantage of its name, with a berry, orange, and lime taste to it, all highlighted with traditional juniper. And, just in case you’re not sure what sort of berry this gin uses, there are several, but mostly it’s the strawberries picked right from nearby Huelva in Spain.

Pairs Well With

A Tom Collins cocktail is great if you want to go fruity all the way, or poured in a gin and tonic works just as well thanks to the fruity nature of this drink. We love to pair it with a cheese platter when snacking.

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