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Norwegian Gin – All Gin Brands From Norway

Norway may not be known around the world for its gin market, but it does not mean that the country has nothing to offer. As a matter of fact, many of the products that come from here are making waves around the world on retail shelves and in international competitions.

What is the best Norweigan gin?

Arctic Gin from Bivrost took Best Contemporary Style Gin from Norway at The 2019 World Gin Awards. Other notable placements at the competition included FJÆRA and VIDDA from Oslo Håndverksdestilleri. Some other popular brands include Harahorn and Norwegian Mountain Gin.

Where to buy Norweigan gin?

You can find Norweigan gin all around the Internet, but if you do not know where to look, then you may pay more than you should for these rare gin brands. We have curated a list of top Norweigan gin retailers from around the world so you never have to worry about getting great prices and amazing service.

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Norweigan Gin

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Silent trees. Mighty mountains. Raw nature. Mysterious forests. The taste of berries and herbs squeezed by Norwegian hands. Bareksten is the bottled essence of Norwegian nature. Craft has f […]
This Norwegian gin is named after a mountain found in the country. The gin is also made with a number of interesting botanicals from the area, including Nordmarka blueberries, juniper, Grim […]
Distilled right outside of Oslo, Norway, this is a gin that calls on mostly locally sourced botanicals to deliver a soft and floral sipping experience. It uses traditional botanicals such a […]
VIDDA is our interpretation of a traditional British dry gin infused with Nordic botanicals.
Some of the best gins in the world are made from the finest water sources as well. Bivrost Gin is one of these very gins. It is made with water sourced from the Lyngen Alps, which is water […]
VIDDA VIDDA is interpretation of a traditional British dry gin infused with Nordic botanicals. VIDDA's recipe uses botanicals that grow wild in the nature of the Nordics. A selection of mo […]
Silver Tail
The marriage of juniper and crowberry gives Silver Tail Gin a distinctive Nordic profile. The added lemongrass gives Silver Tail a fusion of flavors, making it a joy for your palate. Silver […]

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