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Italian Gin – All Gin Brands From Italy

The gin market from Italy is one of the better small craft industries in Europe. Italians have access to a number of interesting ingredients that are more difficult to ship to other areas. As a result, you get flavors that are generally not available anywhere else. For instance, Amalfi lemons are easier to find in Italy. As a result, there are some tart flavors that come from many of the great gin distilleries in the country. Juniper is another historically important ingredient in Italian gin that you will not find in many other places used in the same way.

What is the best Italian gin?

The 2019 World Gin Awards brought attention to Italian gin in some interesting categories. For instance, Gin Saaz from Collesi won in the Signature Botanical category. In the Contemporary Style Gin category, O’ndina was the distillery that brought the top flavor. Some popular gins from Italy include Gin MARCONI 46, Tower Hill Gin, Dol Gin and Arezzo Gin (even though the distillery isn’t based in Italy, the juniper berries are).

Where to buy Italian gin?

You can find Italian gin all around the Internet – the trick is to know where to look for the best prices and selection. We have curated a list of top Italian gin retailers from around the world. These are the professional retailers with great prices and amazing service to help you navigate the Italian gin market.

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Italian Gin

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If you haven't sampled arugula recently you may want to refresh your memory and your palette. Sure, you could go to the grocery store and pick some up, or you could simply sample this gin ( […]
Gin Puro is produced by Bonaventura Maschio with roots in Italy with an alcohol strength of 56%. Sheer blend of infusions and distillations of juniper berries with coriander and a tailored […]
Distilled as tradition would dictate, in copper stilled fueled by traditional wood burners, it is produced from a base of juniper berries fresh from the Maritime Alps.
With Collesi Gin you're purchasing the style of Italian presentation that also brings with it several rather interesting botanicals. This includes hops, walnuts, cherries, and rose. This gi […]
Distilled from limpid Tuscan springs, which reach the distillery spontaneously and without the need for pumps or industrial machinery, Gin David is embellished with the preciousness of wine […]
Del Professore
Del Professore is best known for its two flagship gins: Monsieur and Madame. Madame is a 42.9% ABV with layers of sweetened cinnamon, vanilla, and wild rose. While Monsieur is 43.7% ABV and […]
Dolce Vita
A citrus-forward Italian gin made with a whole host of ingredients, including six(!) different varieties of citrus, cedar, coriander and more.
Fred Jerbis
Fred Jerbis Gin is comprised of 43 degrees and 43 botanicals that was originally created in 1946. The drink only utilizes Italian ingredients to give it an incredibly authentic taste. Excel […]
Some of the very best things in life are made in Milan. This includes Giass Gin. The classic London Dry style gin takes advantage of 18 botanicals, giving it a sophisticated flavor and a un […]
Ginnic gin contains some of the freshest ingredients around. Here you will ingredients such as citrus, juniper berries, and a taste of culture from Italy that will leave you coming back for […]
Fresh juniper aromas are followed by a wealth of aromas, most notably lemon peel and orange zest, with other herbs adding to its complexity and persistence. The dry palate has subtle flavou […]
Henry Morgan's
Produced exclusively by mixing together pure distilled wheat (made with the dual-distillation method) and distilled Italian juniper berries, which give the gin its fruity aroma and smooth t […]
Imea Gineprina d'Olanda
Richly flavored, spicy and penetratin: Gineprina d'Olanda is a unique Italian gin that maintains its personality even when joined to other spirits.
Malfy Originale is a classic dry style gin made with Italian juniper and five other botanicals and blended with Italy's purest source of mineral water – from the nearby Monviso mountain spring.
MARCONI 46 is an italian gin artisanally distilled and obtained from a unique infusion of juniper berries, muscat grape, mountain pine, cembra pine, mint, cardamom and coriander reminding o […]
O'ndina Gin is a classic Italian gin that is known as the Sprit of the Italian Rivera. When sipping on the gin you'll feel like Hemingway traveling the world, writing short stories as you g […]
Panarea Island Gin comes from a Sicilian family recipe. This is a Gin that carries a family tradition with it. Very smooth and tast
Riviera Gin is a distilled wine based on a prodigious recipe
Staying true to its Italian roots, RIVO Gin is an artisan product made with passion and love. The distillation happens in small batches and using only the finest botanicals. There are no ad […]
Roby Marton
The Roby Marton Gin comes to you from Italy and is distilled using steel barrels and cold infusion. During the infusion process 11 botanicals are used, some of which might surprise you. Whi […]

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