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Panarea Gin

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Does anything sound better than kicking back, relaxing on a small island off the Sicilian coast? Probably not. And while you might not be able to make it out there just this instant, you can at least sample a gin that is made on Panarea Island, which is part of the small Aeolian Island chain near Sicily. As the warm weathered island uses mostly locally botanicals, you will experience a full taste of the island. Some of the botanicals include citrus peel, myrtle berries, coriander, and of course juniper. It’s a clean, simple, and yet elegant gin you may very well fall in love with.

Pairs Well With

Why not order yourself a crispy, thin-crust pizza? Yes, we do love our thicker crusts here, but there’s something about the thinner, crispy crust that pairs exceptionally well with this gin. It lets you fully taste all the ingredients without getting too fully.

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