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French Gin – All Gin Brands From France

The French treat their gin like many of their other culinary achievements – they take close care of the standard. When you taste a great French gin or a cocktail with a French gin, you will know exactly what you are taking in. You may get notes from the UK in French gin because of the proximity, but when it makes the trip over the border, you add an indelible mark that you will remember for the rest of your drinking life.

What is the best French gin?

The 2019 World Gin Awards helped to showcase quite a few of France’s best spirits, with C’est Nous winning Best Contemporary Style Gin, Genièvre de Houlle winning Best Genever over the strong competition of the Citadelle, but Citadelle winning Best Matured Gin. Some of the most popular gin brands from France include Citadelle, G’Vine, Pink Pepper, Gin 1495 and Monson’s Dry Gin, which is becoming one of the more popular exports from the country.

Where to buy French gin?

You can find French gin all around the Internet – but you may need a bit of help to get the best deals. Rest assured that our curated list of top French gin retailers from around the world has great prices and amazing service. If you want to step over from the famous Cognacs and other spirits of France into the lesser known gin market, you will not be disappointed in terms of quality.

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French Gin

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Date Established
This bold gin has been named as one of the best gins on the market. Here you will find a unique combination of botanicals such as juniper, herbs, and various floral notes. Excellent for: Ma […]
This gin will have you tasting the bite of pink pepper from French creators Audemus. This is created with pink peppercorns that help bring out the essence of the gin. Excellent for: Showing […]
Blue Ribbon
Blue Riband Gin is produced in Nepal and is one of the most popular gins in India (while it isn't heavily distributed outside of the region it is older than most, with Blue Riband Gin first […]
C'est Nous
Using our distillery philosophy of adaptability, C'est Nous Gin is crafted to allow you to drink how you like. To make our premium gin, we use the highest quality French wheat alcohol. This […]
A pioneer in the realm of premium gin, Citadelle likes itself to an orchestra, with juniper as the conductor. This is an apt metaphor because, as with music, timing is everything with Citad […]
A gin out of time! Relaunched in 2013 using the same recipe that was perfected in 1945 during WWII; using spices sources from all over Europe and Morocco, macerated in pure beetroot alcohol […]
Distillerie de Paris
A delectable Parisian gin made with botanicals from Réunion Island. Fresh notes of green mango, pineapple and passionfruit develop into spicy, woody notes of green pepper and oak spice.
Our exceptional taste comes from different factors. First, we macerate high quality juniper berries and spices for a week. Second, we distill everything once in a Stupfler alembic.
The name Floraison means "flowering”, the key moment in the life cycle of the vine and the perfect description for a gin that is fresh and floral, refreshing yet round and smooth, evoking t […]
Gabriel Boudier
Saffron Gin: the name alone is an invitation to go on a journey. The recipe goes back a long way: after being re-discovered in the Maison Boudier archives, it resulted in the revival of thi […]
Generous Gin is a French gin that is produced with a number of elegant French botanicals. On top of juniper, you will find the inclusion of ingredients such as orange, elderflower, and jasm […]
Gold 999.9
This gin presents the fantasy of the early 20th century recipes that stated that gin was crafted in a pot of gold. Here you can taste traditional botanicals and a hint of nontraditional one […]
A citrus-forward gin with aromatic spices, peaches and apricots. The single pot still distillation creates a bolder style of gin that works fantastically in highball drinks such as G&T' […]
Le Gin de Christian Drouin
The only Gin incorporating 30 apple varieties and 8 different aromatics.
A French gin, named after the explorer. Triple distilled to 44% alc. by vol., a natural sky blue colour from the iris root, made with 11 ingredients: Juniper Berries, Cloves, Nutmeg, Cradam […]
Mist gin is handcrafted to perfection utilizing some of the very best ingredients around. You will find a rush of citrusy flavors that have a bold finish and will keep your taste buds ringi […]
After undertaking long research to trace down all the ingredients of their ancestor's recipes, Jean-Michel and his son Pierre are pushing boundaries while creating this unique Gin.  Twelve […]
Normindia Gin is a family owned and distilled gin in France. The distillery itself has been running since before World War II, although gin didn't come about until after the war. However, w […]
Saint Maudez
A genuine craftsman Gin made from the re-distillation of a pure wheat spirit in which have been previously collected by maceration the aromatic components of juniper, coriander, angelica ro […]
Thompson's Gin is the perfect combination of British style and the best from the Aquitaine region of France. Includes 15 natural regional botanicals, including caviar from Aquitaine, pêches […]

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