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Kyoya’s Yuzu Gin balances innovation and tradition. It’s a traditional dry gin, but the Japanese brand has an entirely unique approach: the distillers create a traditional Shōchū – a distilled alcohol – from sweet potato; they then ferment their product in traditional terracotta jars before infusing it with Sansho peppers, oranges, lemon, and, of course, the namesake yuzu: a fruit similar to grapefruit. This creates a citrus-dominated spirit that ends on a classic pine note with a hint of ginger. All in all, it makes a wonderful impression. 


Pairs Well With: Fit for gin novices and aficionados alike, Yuzu Gin goes as well with something tart, such as a lemonade, though tonic truly unleashes and elevates the complex flavors.  

And in terms of activities, Yuzu Gin’s complexity and process lend themselves well to an art exhibit or opening – something cultural and stimulating, yet relaxed.

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