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Victory Gin

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If the name VICTORY sounds familiar, it’s because this English gin is named for the stripped-down gin in 1984. This gin aims to be just as utilitarian, but far more good-humored.

VICTORY accomplishes this feat by infusing their base with warm botanicals such as sweet licorice and chestnut. Even the black pepper hits the tongue more as a loving pat than a wallop. These and all other botanicals, including reliable, floral-enhancing orris and fresh cardamom, are macerated for fourteen hours before being cold distilled with a juniper-centric spirit.

All-in-all, VICTORY is a gin that’s as functional as it is friendly.

Speaking of friendly, VICTORY is one of the most sustainable, ecologically minded spirit brands we know. Their methods reduce water waste and conserve energy, while they’re also pioneering sustainable eco pouch packaging.


Pairs Well With:

VICTORY is flavorful but lends itself to an unfussy, earthy cocktail, such as a gin and tea – that’s tea, rather than T for tonic. We typically take our tumbler outside – a stoop, lawn, or field all work well in this regard.

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