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Contemporary Gin
The Rascal 1-1 GIN

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The Rascal

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The Rascal



Do you like to get into mischief? Maybe you’re always looking for the next adventure. Well that next adventure can be anything from a trip around the world to sampling the next great gin, such as The Rascal. This gin, which is a newer gin from Liverpool, offers you a 40 percent ABV gin that utilizes a number of familiar, yet classic botanicals, including orange and lemon peel, angelica, juniper, orris, and coriander seed. However, it also adds just a bit of new and fresh flavors to it with raspberry, passion fruit, and cassia. Together it gives you a strong, tropical-like gin. Who needs a rum cocktail when you can have The Rascal?

Pairs Well With

We love this gin with a fruit salad. Even though pineapple isn’t a botanical there’s just something about a slice of pineapple with this gin. Add in some salty snacks and all the flavors will truly come to life.

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