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The Rambler Expedition Strength

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The Rambler Expedition Strength

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The Rambler Expedition Strength



The Rambler Expedition Strength is a gin that encapsulates the adventurous spirit and rich botanical diversity of its place of origin, Shangri-La, China. Produced by the Youyun Distilling Company, this gin stands out not just for its robust 58% ABV but for its remarkable integration of local and traditional botanicals.


This gin pays homage to the pioneering spirit of George Forrest, a botanist and explorer of the early 20th century, whose extensive travels and plant cataloging in the region inspire the gin’s botanical selection. The choice of name, “Expedition Strength,” reflects both the historical expeditions of its namesake and the gin’s potent character.

Taste Notes:

On the nose, The Rambler Expedition Strength reveals deep, earthy notes of angelica and orris, hinting at the gin’s connection to the wild landscapes of Shangri-La. The initial sip introduces a bold peppery warmth, softened by a subtle lemony citrus, before giving way to the unmistakable piney freshness of juniper. The finish surprises with a spicy kick from Szechuan pepper, an homage to the local palate, ensuring a long, warming, and complex aftertaste. Despite its high alcohol content, the gin maintains a balanced profile, with each botanical thoughtfully contributing to a harmonious blend.

Suggested Cocktail Pairings:

Given its bold flavors and high strength, The Rambler Expedition Strength shines in simple, spirit-forward cocktails. A classic Gin Martini or a Gin Old Fashioned will allow its complex botanicals to take center stage. For those looking to explore its versatility, a Gin & Tonic garnished with a twist of lemon peel and a sprinkle of pepper can highlight its citrus and spicy notes.

Overall Rating:

The Rambler Expedition Strength is a gin that demands and rewards attention. Its bold character, combined with the rich tapestry of flavors, makes it a standout choice for the adventurous drinker. Whether sipped neat, on the rocks, or as the backbone of a minimalist cocktail, it offers a unique tasting journey that reflects the spirit of exploration. Given its craft quality, unique origin story, and the skillful balance of high ABV with complex botanicals, it earns a distinguished 4.5 out of 5 stars.

This gin is more than a spirit; it’s a tribute to adventure, exploration, and the rich botanical heritage of Shangri-La. Each sip invites the drinker to journey through the untamed landscapes that inspired its creation.

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