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Contemporary Gin
Spring Gin

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Spring Gin

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Spring Gin



Distillation is both the science and art of extracting flavours and alcohol as a vapour. We distill our gin four times, allowing the botanicals to release their complex signature aromatics. The first three times the gin is distilled with grain. In the fourth distillation we include thirteen gin botanicals- coriander, lemon and orange peel, star anise, black pepper, cardamom , ginger root, delicate orange blossom, cinnamon for the spiciness, angelica for the dryness‰Û_ and augment these with two native botanicals, being rhubarb root and pine buds: a highly distinctive, soft gin with a wonderfully crisp finish is born. With our 43,8% Vol (87,6 Proof), you get a fresh pine nose and taste, followed by the mild pungency of black pepper, coaxing harmoniously with coriander and citrus but without drowning out the show’s star, juniper. Then comes a lovely clean, dry finish.

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