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Six Dogs Gin

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Six Dogs

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Six Dogs



Tired of clear looking cocktails? Want to jazz up your favorites without pumping it full of artificial flavors? Six Dogs Blue Gin may be your answer. This gin is naturally blue thanks to the botanicals used within the spirit. Hand-picked rose petals and blue pea flower give it the soft blue appearance, which looks like an ocean trapped in a bottle. Add in the alfalfa and you end up with a floral, light tasting gin. The small batch gin pays extra attention to detail with every step of distillation.

Pairs Well With

A light cucumber salad with vinegarette would absolutely be perfect with a Six Dogs Blue Gin and splash of soda water. The cold, crisp cucumber and balsamic vinegarette would be an exceptional contrast to the clean, floral taste of the Six Dogs Blue Gin. All of it would taste even better when sitting next to a body of water.

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