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There’s one thing you’re guaranteed whenever sampling something made in Japan: it’s going to be made with pride and corners are not going to be cut. Sakurao Japanese Dry Gin uses a number if very interesting botanicals that may open you up to a new world of gin. Sure, you’ll find the traditional coriander and juniper, but in this bottle you’re also going to drink cherry blossom, Japanese cypress, yuzu, and even oyster shell. All in all, you’ll experience a fresh, clean tasting gin, that brings with it subtle hints of flower and vanilla. It will probably be unlike any other gin you’ve had.

Pairs Well With

Would it be considered cheating to say this gin works well with sushi? Because of so, label us cheaters.The floral element just goes brilliantly with sticky rice. So skip the saki next time around and try a Sakurao gin cocktail next time you visit your favorite sushi restaurant. We’re confident you’ll quickly fall in love.

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