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Contemporary Gin
Ransom Dry Gin

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Ransom Dry Gin

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Ransom Dry Gin



Ransom Dry Gin: A Bridge Between Tradition and Innovation

Ransom Dry Gin stands as a testament to the craft of distilling, merging the rich heritage of Dutch genevers with the crisp, botanical-driven profile of modern American gins. Produced by Ransom Spirits in the United States, this gin boasts an ABV of 43%, making it both robust and versatile. Its unique botanical blend, including caraway, anise, Oregon Marionberries, and local hops, sets it apart, offering a distinctive taste experience that pays homage to its roots while exploring new gustatory territories.

Taste Notes:

Ransom Dry Gin opens with a compelling aroma, where the earthiness of caraway seeds intertwines with the licorice notes of anise, creating a welcoming invitation to the palate. The first sip reveals a complex layering of flavors; the gin’s foundation is built on the traditional juniper base, yet it’s the Oregon Marionberries that truly captivate, imparting a subtle, fruity sweetness that is both unexpected and enchanting. The local hops contribute a slight bitterness, balancing the gin’s profile and adding depth. This gin finishes smoothly, leaving a warm, spicy aftertaste that lingers pleasantly, inviting another sip.

Cocktail Pairings:

Given its unique blend of botanicals, Ransom Dry Gin shines in cocktails that allow its distinctive flavors to come to the forefront. A classic Gin & Tonic is elevated to new heights, with the Marionberries and hops offering a complex twist to this refreshing staple. For a more adventurous concoction, consider a Negroni, where Ransom’s herbal and fruity notes play well against the sweet vermouth and Campari, creating a beautifully balanced cocktail with depth and character.

Overall Rating and Summary:

Ransom Dry Gin is a bold exploration of the gin spectrum, successfully marrying traditional elements with innovative twists. It’s a gin that doesn’t just sit comfortably within a category but instead creates its own niche. Perfect for both the gin connoisseur and the curious newcomer, it offers a journey through flavors that are both familiar and entirely new. This gin is highly recommended for those looking to explore beyond the conventional, promising an experience that is both rewarding and memorable. 4.5/5

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