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Peter in Florence Gin

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Peter in Florence

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Peter in Florence



Are you a  juniper hound that loves to try new juniper-forward gins that also bring with it a supporting cast of botanicals? If so, Peter in Florence may simply be one such gin you need to try out. Made in Florence, the gin uses 14 botanicals in its production. As you might guess, it does include juniper, but it also pulls flavors from other botanicals including rose, rosemary, bergamot peel, lavender, orris root and iris flower. All of this combined gives it a juniper, yet floral taste to the spirit. A well made gin and tonic lets the floral notes take center stage, especially when pored over a strongly carbonated tonic.

Pairs Well With

Reading your favorite book next to the garden in a warm summer weekend. And maybe bring in a bit of chocolate to snack on and enjoy while you’re reading your book and sipping your Peter in Florence gin.

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