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Nolet's Gin

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Hailing from gin’s homeland, the Netherlands, family-owned NOLET’S Silver is helmed by the namesake’s tenth and eleventh generation master distillers. That said, this is not a stodgy, stuffy gin. On the contrary. NOLET’S Silver offers a contemporary, floral-forward experience that may have you reconsidering what gin can do and be.

Alongside a very mellow juniper spirit, NOLET’S Silver includes an enviable list of botanicals, including Turkish rose, tart raspberry, and peach, each of which is individually macerated before being united and distilled in a copper pot. The result: an effervescent spirit that’s flowery yet resolute.

This is an ideal spirit for people interested in contemporary gins or who are easing themselves into gin itself.


Pairs Well With:

Though NOLET’S Silver can be enjoyed year-round, it’s particularly nice in the early spring – when the air’s clean and fresh — while playing a leisurely lawn game. As for cocktails, we’re partial to blending on NOLET’S with an effervescent cocktail, such as an Elderflower Collins.

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