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Contemporary Gin
Hapusa Gin

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Hapusa offers up a taste of India, from where it’s distilled, while keeping to a traditional gin profile. It still uses botanicals you might expect, such as juniper (which is locally harvested), turmeric, ginger, cardamom, coriander, and almonds. However, it also adds some local flavor in the form of mango and gondhoraj limes. The lime itself truly stands out, giving you an instantly noticeable flavor profile with your first sip. However, it finishes with a floral, spiced finish. And if you’re someone looking for a gin that isn’t too juniper heavy, this is a great option. Juniper is always there, lingering in the background, but it isn’t dominant.

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The botanicals used in the gin are very much cooking staples in India, so why not order up some of your favorite Indian food and enjoy an evening in, catching up on your favorite television show, with a Hapusa cocktail?

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