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Giniversity Gin

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Class is in session thanks to Giniversity, a London dry gin from Australia. You’ll know this gin is from the land down under thanks to the local botanicals it pulls together for this unique tasting gin. Of course, it does have the familiar juniper taste you would expect from a London dry gin, but it also uses something known as bloodroot. There might not be another ingredient more Australian than bloodroot, but this botanical gives it a spicy, almost hot taste to it. If you like your martinis dirty with a dash of spice, you need to give this gin a try. It might end up your favorite.

Pairs Well With

It’s time to graduate from your beer-backed outdoor BBQ and swap in a Giniversity gin cocktail as you grill up your favorite meats. You’ll class up your outdoor get together while enjoying a gin all its own.

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  1. My husband bought me this gin. I did not like it at all. It was floral flavoured and did not taste like gin at all. It was only a 500mi bottle. I couldnt finish drink. No for me. Sorry …….
    Colleen S Australia

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