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McQueen Gin

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The Scottish gin brand McQueen is all about adventure. It wants consumers, and everyone, to follow their hearts and thrill in the experience. That’s evident in their range of flavored gins. They’re all pleasing in their own ways, but we’re inclined to their Signature Dry Gin.

Opening with a bright citrus, McQueen then lets the traditional juniper flourish alongside a creamy vanilla. Juniper then lingers as coriander emerges. Then, in a final note, McQueen offers a vivid lime finish.  before leaving you with a vivid lime finish.

Clearly respectful of gin’s tradition, McQueen’s also quite content to make its own mark in gin’s history, and it’s doing a spectacular job of it.


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Again, McQueen’s all about pushing one’s boundaries. That said, rather than making a cocktail suggestion, we’d be keen to hear how you like to drink McQueen. Please, create your own cocktail and share your findings. But however you have it, we hope you’ll do something you’ve never done before…

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