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Friday Chic Gin

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Friday Chic Gin

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Friday Chic Gin



You will find a number of gin producers that use grapes traditionally used for wine in the production of its gin. Friday Chic Gin, however, uses the vine leaf as one of its botanicals. This allows not only the grapes to be used in the making of wine, but more of the plant to be utilized as well. Along with the vine leaf, this Portuguese gin also uses rose petals, orange blossom, juniper, and cardamom. These botanicals presents you with an earth taste with some floral notes (thanks to the orange blossom and rose petals). If you like gin but you want a lighter, floral taste added on top of a traditional juniper flavor, we suggest giving this Friday Chic Gin a try.

Pairs Well With

Maybe instead of buying yourself flowers buy yourself this bottle of gin instead. Wouldn’t you rather drink your flowers, anyway (plus it’s probably cheaper than a dozen roses). But pair it with some chocolate and have yourself a date.

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