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Boodles Gin

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The modern gin scene largely owes its existence to Boodles. First created in 1845 and served at the namesake Boodles gentlemen’s club, one of London’s most exclusive and influential social venues, Boodles made gin fashionable again. Winston Churchill was reportedly an avid fan. We understand why.

Made with a clean British wheat spirit, Boodles is imparted with timeless, iconic botanicals and herbs, such as nutmeg, rosemary, and sage, before being distilled over a traditional Carterhead. Remarkably, the spirit lacks any citrus elements, providing a more coniferous overtone than more contemporary dry gins, while the finish hits a sweet note.

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We advise enjoying Boodles as it’s meant to be enjoyed: neat with a wedge of lemon or lime. And as to when and where – we like it both as a post-work sip and as a casual pre-dinner cocktail with good friends.

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