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Aitil House Gin – A Symphony of Botanicals

In the bustling heart of Portland, Oregon, amidst the verdant landscapes and pioneering spirit, Aitil House Gin emerges as a beacon of craft distillation excellence. Crafted by the visionary Aimsir Distilling Company, this contemporary American gin pays homage to its Gaelic roots, with “Aitil” meaning juniper in Gaelic, encapsulating the essence of time, place, and the whimsical nature of the weather.

ABV: 45%
Distillery: Aimsir Distilling Company, Oregon, USA
Style: Contemporary
Base Spirit: Grain
Known Botanicals: Cardamom, Cinnamon, Juniper, Lemongrass, Peach, Raspberry, Rose

Tasting Notes:

Aitil House Gin invites the senses on a journey through a carefully curated garden of botanicals. The aroma is a captivating prelude, dominated by dark, unsweetened raspberry, intertwined with delicate hints of rose petals and a refreshing menthol touch of vegetal lemongrass or lime leaves. This complex, contemporary scent sets the stage for an extraordinary tasting experience.

Upon the first sip, one is greeted with a subtle hint of peach wine, giving way to a mid-palate celebration of pine-forward juniper with verdant undertones. The contemporary botanicals, starring alongside the unmistakable juniper, create a harmonious blend, with late notes of black raspberry preserves adding depth and intrigue. The vegetal nuances return, suggesting makrut lime leaves, woven into an interesting herbal and floral tapestry.

The finish is a thoughtful coda, offering a fairly long and serene experience, with delicate spices serving to cleanse the palate. The warmth is moderate to light, complemented by a gentle astringency that invites contemplation and savouring of the gin’s layered complexity.

Cocktail Recommendations:

Aitil House Gin shines as a versatile player in the realm of mixology, particularly suited to contemporary gin cocktails. It crafts a sublime Martini, where pairing it with a lemon twist accentuates its bright, floral notes. Its superior complexity and mouthfeel offer a unique twist to this classic, making it an intriguing alternative to traditional choices.

The gin’s compatibility extends to herbal cocktails such as the Last Word, where its berry and peach notes find new expression. Cream-based drinks like the Ramos Gin Fizz or Gin Alexander are elevated by the gin’s nuanced profile, making each sip a discovery.


Aitil House Gin is a testament to the art of distillation, a celebration of heritage, and a nod to the innovation that defines the craft spirit movement. Its balance between traditional juniper and a vibrant bouquet of botanicals renders it a must-try for aficionados of both classic and contemporary gin styles. With accolades to its name and a story woven through each bottle, Aitil House Gin is not just a spirit; it’s an experience, beckoning to be explored in cocktails and quiet moments alike.

Highly recommended for those who cherish a gin that bridges the past and the present, Aitil House Gin is a beautifully complex and contemporary spirit that captivates from the first scent to the last sip.

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