When it comes to gin cocktails, the Floradora doesn’t receive much attention. Most people think of a gimlet, martini, or another one of the classic gin cocktails. The Floradora might be one of the best-kept secrets. It is one of those cocktails that, after sampling, people’s eyes light up and they ask what it is. So if you’re someone who enjoys an under the radar cocktail, the Floradora may be the perfect cocktail to order. The drink itself is named after a comedic musical of the same name that opened in London’s West End back in 1899. It then hit Broadway in 1900. One of the cast members asked a local New York bartender to make up a drink for the cast. So, naturally, he used the popular spirit of the time (gin) and named it after the comedy.

The Floradora is as refreshing as it is beautiful to look at. It’s the perfect summer cocktail or when you want to add a fresh infusion into a traditional gin cocktail. It’s also a cocktail that takes non-gin drinkers by surprise. There are those who may not like the juniper or floral taste of a gin cocktail. This is the kind of cocktail that may change their mind.

Floradora - The Perfect Classic Recipe

Prep time

icon3 Minutes




To make a Floradora you’ll need:

  • 2 oz Gin
  • 1 oz lime juice
  • 1 oz raspberry syrup/liqueur
  • Ginger Ale
  • Garnish with raspberries



To make the Floradora you’ll want to add ice to a shaker, then pour in the gin, syrup and lime juice. It is up to you whether you use a raspberry syrup or raspberry liqueur. You may want to experiment with the two to see what works better. The syrup will likely be tarter and heavier while the liqueur will likely be a tad stronger, but it’s ultimately up to you.

After you have shaken the mixture pour into a Collins glass that is filled with ice, then fill to the top with ginger ale. The ginger ale gives an excellent infusion of carbonation to the beverage. The ginger also works exceptionally well with the flavor of the cocktail.

Once set, garnish with raspberries. If you’re serving the drink during the summer or for a party you can consider swapping in frozen raspberries. This is a great way to keep the drink cold without using as much ice.

Floradora Nutrition Facts

The Floradora does have a good amount of sugar in it from the ginger ale and the raspberry syrup (although the liqueur version will have slightly different nutrition facts), so the cocktail will have more calories than your standard gin cocktail.

  • 218 Calories
  • 0g Fat
  • 11 mg Sodium
  • 24 g Carbs (9%)
  • 2 g Fiber
  • 0 g Protein
  • 26 mg Calcium (2%)


Best Gin For a Floradora

The best gin for a Floradora is really up to you. As you are using a sweet raspberry and ginger ale you’ll likely want a cleaner, mellow gin. These other flavors will mask much of the juniper taste, so a gin without the heavy juniper flavor, such as Beefeater, may be your best option. As the cocktail is just half gin and there is a good amount of sugar you don’t need to splurge on expensive gins. This is another reason why Beefeater is beneficial as it is an affordable option.

Of course, you should always test out different gins and even visit local distilleries for small batch gins.

Floradora Variations

As Floradora is a relatively unknown cocktail there are not many variations to it. However, you can always tweak and alter the gin cocktail to fit your unique taste needs.

  • Henry's Floradora

    The Henyr’s Floradora variation takes the traditional cocktail and adds a number of additional ingredients. While it maintains the raspberry syrup and ginger ale, it builds on top of the cocktail with everything from creme de framboise (which is a raspberry-based cream beverage), plus triple sec and others. In a way, it gives you a raspberry cream taste to the cocktail.

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  • Hendrick's Gin Floradora

    Here’s Hendrick’s Floradora recipe. Perfect and easy to make!

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