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Celebrity owned spirits have been around for decades providing a glimpse of inspiration loved and adored by the stars behind them. But, not all spirits are created equal, and unlike many celebrities who opt-in for the common tequila, whisky, and vodka, we bring you six celebrity-owned gin brands anyone should try. Mainly hailing from the United States, Hollywood actors, producers, and musicians produced and branded gins inspired by their work and the work of others in their respective industries. So, without further ado, please put your hands together for the brands.

Aviation Gin
Celebrity Owner: Ryan Reynolds

Aviation gin produces two varieties, American and Old Tom. The American brand was created first and provides an exceptional mixture of botanicals that result in a smokey and spicy spirit. Some of the botanicals used include lavender, cardamom, and the unique Indian sarsaparilla, all of which are steeped in alcohol for 48 hours before being redistilled in a 400-gallon still pot.


Indoggo Gin
Celebrity Owner: Snoop Dogg

Developed by the one and only 鈥淕in & Juice鈥 singer, Snoop Dogg, Indoggo Gin adds in the flare and uniqueness of its creator. Mixing together seven botanicals and an all natural strawberry flavor for a hit any Hip Hop and other music genre fans would approve of. 5x distilled, the gluten-free, sugar-free, low-calorie spirit fits right in with its laid-back California style while bottled in a Snoop Dogg inspired and approved purple bottle.


MF Libations
Celebrity Owner: Jeffrey Dean Morgan & Hilarie Burton Morgan

Unlike most celebrity spirits, MF Libations Blackberry Gin starts out by taking a known gin brand, Tod & Vixen鈥檚 Dry Gin 1651, and adding a variety of botanicals that take the spirit to a new level of flavor and color after steeping the gin with blackberries for 24 hours. In addition, the brand includes botanicals such as red rooibos, bitter oranges, coriander, angelica root, lime leaves, and orris. Resulting in a florally sweet gin with hints of citrus and berries.


Artingstall’s Brilliant London Dry Gin
Celebrity Owner: Paul Feig

Designed with 11 carefully picked botanicals, Artingstall鈥檚 gin produces a unique sipping experience that was refined to match its creator. Resulting in an award-winning, balanced spirit of orris root, cassia, elderberries and citrus botanicals.

  • Artingstalls Brilliant London Dry Gin

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Redmont Distilling Vulcan Gin
Celebrity Owner: Charles Barkley

Produced and bottled in Alabama, the classic gin is 8x distilled and moves through a process of advanced carbon filtration system with 4 botanicals, including, peppercorns, ginger powder, and angelica to provide a simple yet smooth finish.


Wilde Irish Gin
Celebrity Owner: Victor Burke

Named after the well-known poet, Oscar Wilde, Wilde Irish gin makes sure the botanical flavor is front and center. According to Wilde Irish Gin, 鈥淚f you could speak Gin, it would sound like poetry. If you could drink poetry, it would taste like Gin,鈥 bringing the flavor and inspiration together in full circle. Distilled in Ireland, the brand opted for a small batch, hand-made copper pot stills gin that may become cloudy when poured over ice.



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