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Portuguese Gin – All Gin Brands From Portugal

Portugal isn’t exactly known for its gin market, but its hidden gems can provide a welcome addition to just about any home bar.

What is the best Portuguese Gin?

The 2019 World Gin Awards brought light to ADAMUS gin from ADAMUS for best London Dry Gin. Some of the more popular Portuguese gin brands making waves in the country and around the world include Big Boss Gin, Sharish Gin, Templus, Gin 13, Friends, NAO and Friday Chic Gin.

Where to buy Portuguese gin?

If you are having trouble finding Portuguese gin, you may not be looking in the right place. We have curated a list of top Portuguese gin retailers from around the world, who we know have great prices and amazing service. These retailers will get you the selection that you need from Portugal, whether you are looking for a breakout spirit or one of the more hidden highlights.

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Portuguese Gin

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Friday Chic Gin
Here's a gin produced in the Portuguese wine region of Bairrada. The gin itself relies heavily on the local wine culture, using vine leaf as its main botanical, along with rose petals, oran […]
NAO is a Portuguese gin, aged in wine barrels from Porto, giving it this Portuguese soul. The gin is distilled in England, where the best distilleries and later bottled in Portugal. It ages […]
When you want a smooth yet complex gin, Opivm London Dry Gin is one option to consider. It is distilled five times, which lends itself an especially smooth mouthfeel. It leans on some tradi […]
Sharish Gin has a beautifully unique bottle that if you didn't look twice you might assume it held tequila. The Sharish Blue Gin comes from Portugal and uses an eclectic combination of bota […]
Tinto Gin is made with an eclectic combination of botanicals designed to give it a taste unlike anything you've had in a gin before. Just some of the botanicals included are dill, poppy, la […]
Adamus is one of the most recognized Portuguese gins in the world. The bottle itself helps it stand out, but it is the interesting taste that sets it apart. 18 individual botanicals are use […]
Big Boss
Big Boss hails from Porto, Portugal and uses 11 botanicals in its production. While there are the more traditional botanicals of juniper, angelica root, and cardamon, there are additional b […]
Gin 13
A Gin with an youthful appearance, light notes of hops but with a fresh and citric ending palate. It transmits the mystic message that one can create his/her own luck , therefore its name - […]
Asserting its place in an industry grown and distinguished by the British, Friends is a new and innovative gin that results from the union of two close friends who have boldly stepped out f […]
Portugal has seen an increase in gin production with a number of new gins reaching international markets. Templus Gin is one such gin that has started to ship worldwide. It is unique in tha […]
Quinta de Ventozelo
Ventozelo Gin is a journey into the very nature of Quinta de Ventozelo. It is the result of a research project with the Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar and a partnership with […]
GinT Rubro
GinT Rubro is the Portuguese Gin Brand with an unmistakable aroma of fig bark.

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