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New Zealand Gin – All Gin Brands From New Zealand

One might think that New Zealand takes its spirit style from its sister territory Australia, but you might want to think again. Led by innovative and resourceful distilleries in Auckland, the gin market in New Zealand is its own animal.

What is the best New Zealand gin?

Some of the most popular gin brands from New Zealand include Vaione Gin, Karven Gin, Revenge Gin and Hidden World Gin – all from Auckland. Others that you may enjoy trying include The Source Gin, Reid & Reid, Curiosity Gin, Riot & Rose Gin and 1st Cut Gin. Scapegrace Gold won out over a huge amount of competition in the International Wine and Spirits Competition as the best London Dry Gin in the world.

Where to buy New Zealand gin?

New Zealand gin may be all over the Internet, but it is difficult to locate rare and truly unique brands unless you really know where to look. This is a market that may take its time to get to you depending on where you are in the world. We have curated a list of top New Zealand gin retailers from all four corners of the globe, so you can get great prices and a wide selection on New Zealand gin regardless of your location.

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New Zealand Gin

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Date Established
Blenheim Bay
This sophisticated gin was created to sate the thirst of individuals seeking the Kiwi palate. Fortunately, the drink is now available around the world for all you gin enthusiasts. This drin […]
Broken Heart
Broken Heart Gin hails from New Zealand. It was initially crafted by two German immigrants, but when one of the two died the second continued the project and went on to name the product Bro […]
Dancing Sands
Dancing Sands Dry Gin is created with an aquifer that only delivers some of the cleanest spring water in the world. There is a citrusy finish that will leave your tongue in awe at what you […]
Hidden World
Guardian Gin is a New Zealand flavoured Gin using local Kawakawa and Horopito which give it a unique spicy flavour combined with a good solid Juniper backbone giving it a full bodied earthy […]
An artisan dry gin of exceptional quality & smoothness. Classic juniper, bursts of fresh New Zealand citrus and undertones of sweet floral and spice.
Lighthouse Gin is an ideal starting point for gin novices, particularly those who enjoy modern IPAs.  A small-batch spirit made in New Zealand with the freshest ingredients, including moun […]
Reid + Reid
Hand crafted and small batch distilled in a bespoke copper pot still, Reid + Reid Native Gin is a unique New Zealand gin created in Martinborough by Stew and Chris Reid.
This small batch gin comes your way via New Zealand. It uses 12 different botanicals, most of which are native to New Zealand. It does have a bit of citrus combined with classic juniper and […]
This is a unique Gin amongst Gins. With a unique citrus taste, and a unique history, originating in the pacific islands.
Revenge Gin is a premium small batch distilled Gin produced in New Zealand. Botanicals used include kawakawa and koheriki leaf and rose.
The Source
One of the beautiful aspects of gin is the ability to taste a local country based on the botanicals used within regionally crafted gin. The Source Gin hails from Cardrona Valley in the Sout […]
A classically styled dry gin for the traditional gin drinker. Using just four New Zealand native botanicals this fabulous gin is as Kiwi a gin can can get. Excellent For: When you want a gi […]
Riot & Rose
1743 Riot Bright and fresh citrus present initially with bold aromatics in play. Mandarin & orange  are punctuated by hints of fennel, star anise &  cardamom, revealing a savoury el […]
1st Cut
Hailing from New Zealand, this is a complex gin that takes advantage of a vapor infusing process. During distillation, 27 different botanicals are used in the process. Jurgen Voigtlander an […]
Named for the year that new zealanders stood up for their rights and voted down prohibition, this Original Gin (41% abv) is locally produced in our custom made still. Created using otago ch […]

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