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Hidden World Gin

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Hidden World

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Hidden World



Tucked down in its own corner of the world is New Zealand. The lush, beautiful landscape makes it a fantastic location not only to visit but to distill some tasty gin. Hidden World Gin fully takes advantage of this. The botanicals are almost all locally sourced (it’s pretty pricey to import everything into New Zealand). Some of the botanicals include lemons, limes, kawakawa, and horopito plants. Kawakawa is technically a tree, but it is a small plant that has been used to help clear up eczema and acne. So while you might be able to apply this directly to your skin, we recommend drinking it instead.

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The peppery, earthy, and yet subtle citrus tastes to this gin bring out visions of fall foliage. Speaking of fall, why not pour yourself a Hidden World Gin cocktail while ordering up a solid helping of pumpkin pie?

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