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Irish Gin – All Gin Brands From Ireland

The Irish are known for drinking. This is a country that knows how to get the best flavors out of natural botanicals, so their gin offerings are among the most full and rich spirits available on the market. Expect strong notes of citrus and unique flavors that come from uniquely Irish botanicals including tansy, wild thyme, elderflowers and white clover.

What is the best Irish gin?

The World Gin Awards gave Dry Gin from Weavers top awards in the Classic Gin category. The Single Estate Irish Pot Still Gin from Echlinville won in Contemporary Style Gin. Ireland’s best Flavoured Gin is Rhubarb Gin from Ha’penny, and Original Gin from The Dingle Distillery won in London Dry Gin.

Where to buy Irish gin?

One quick Google search will show you that Irish gin is quickly becoming a mainstay around the Internet – the trick is to know where to get the best brands. We have curated a list of top Irish gin retailers from around the world – people with access to the Irish gin market and who we know have great prices and amazing service for you.

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Irish Gin

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An Dúlamán
A brand new Irish Gin from the Sliabh Liag Distillery. A beautifully well rounded gin with plentiful notes of the sea, soft juniper and a buttery sweetness!
Beara Ocean Gin brings you the taste of the Atlantic Ocean with every sip. Infused with Atlantic Salt and sugar kelp, this is a truly unique gin. It is made on the Beara peninsula in Irelan […]
Bertha's Revenge
This is a unique small-batch Irish milk gin using whey alcohol from Irish cows milk, infused with 18 locally foraged botanicals & our own spring water.
This Irish based gin hails from West Waterford and is made in 300 litre batches. It uses a number of traditional botanicals, including juniper, liquorice, coriander, cinnamon, and nutmeg, j […]
Here is an Irish Gin hailing from Northern Ireland. It uses a double contact distillation process with a number of infused botanicals, such as sweet gale, liquorice root, coriander, lemon o […]
Bonac 24
Bonac 24 is an extremely well balanced gin of the highest quality. It is distinctive with notes of fresh greens and citrus, and a signature sweet earthy finish.
Cork Dry Gin
Cork Dry Gin is Ireland's no.1 Gin. It's uniquely refreshing taste comes from a complex flavour matrix of juniper oils, coriander, angelica and other rare botanicals combined with the fines […]
Dingle Gin’s roots are in Ireland’s craft beer movement: its founders were the trio behind the pioneering Porterhouse Brewing Company. We mention this simply to highlight that they have exp […]
When it comes to crafting gin, sometimes the small shifts make all the difference. That’s the case with Drumshanbo. By marrying traditional and modernity, Drumshanbo creates a strapping spi […]
Dublin City Gin
Dublin City Gin is an Irish handcrafted dry gin with carefully selected core Botanicals. We prepare the recipe, which includes Organic Rhubarb grown along the Grand Canal in Dublin itself, […]
Our leading botanical is Galway Bay dillisk. We love the fact that it's local and indigenous to the area. Without overpowering our gin, you can find a subtle scent of surf with this unique […]
This is a labour intensive, thoughtfully-crafted, small batch spirit that captures the true essence of Glendalough. Using wild ingredients from mountains surrounding our distillery, each si […]
Jawbox is a classic dry gin like no other. In making and distilling the spirit we use a unique combination of select botanicals – including local Belfast black mountain heather – and we emp […]
Earthy root botanicals, subtle florals and vivid raspberry notes come together to create a new breed of Gin.The sharp sweetness of Juniper and angelica root meet citrus sharpness of corrian […]
Old Carrick Mill
The Old Carrick Mill Gin is distilled in small 500lt batches, using 9 different Botanicals and limestone filtered with spring water sourced from a private well.
The Exiles
THE EXILES IRISH GIN is an artisanal product from an eighth generation ginmaker, whose family have been distilling gin for over 300 years.
Von Hallers
Hand picked botanicals from Germany. Slow-distilled in Ireland.
Ireland isn't just for stouts and Irish whiskey. There are plenty of other spirits, including gin. Ha'penny Pot Still Gin gives you a true taste of the Irish countryside, as it uses lavende […]

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