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Dingle Gin

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Dingle Gin’s roots are in Ireland’s craft beer movement: its founders were the trio behind the pioneering Porterhouse Brewing Company. We mention this simply to highlight that they have experience balancing time, process, and ingredients to create exemplar final products. Dingle Gin is no exception.

While technically a London Dry Gin, Dingle is permeated with botanicals native to the island, including rowanberry, fuchsia, hawthorn, and bog myrtle, before being distilled in a swan-necked still.

This leads to a spirit that’s fresh and effervescent enough for novices yet firm and sure enough for serious gin drinkers. It’s an unparalleled selection that you can trust to deliver an unforgettable, well-designed experience.


Pairs Well With:

Dingle Gin goes well with a citrus-forward cocktail, such as a Lemongrass Elderflower Collins, or, more simply, with just a wedge of orange. As for activities, considering the spirit’s agrarian origins, we advocate embarking on a hike to appreciate your region’s own unique flora.

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