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Purist Gin Glasgow Special Edition

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Purist Gin Glasgow Special Edition

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Purist Gin Glasgow Special Edition



The Purist Gin Glasgow Special Edition is a celebration of both the time-honored tradition of gin distillation and the innovative spirit of Glasgow. This edition stands out not only for its exceptional quality but also for its commitment to merging the world of fine spirits with the realm of art, as showcased through its collaboration with artist Molly Sellers. This review delves into the sensory experience provided by this unique gin, its botanical composition, and its adaptability in the cocktail world.

Flavor Profile

At first encounter, the Purist Gin Glasgow Special Edition greets the senses with a delicate blend of orange and cassia spice, a prelude to its complex flavor journey. As one sips, a harmonious blend of classic juniper and coriander takes center stage, with the zesty punch of yuzu peel adding a vibrant layer of complexity. The finish is a sweet caress of orange, leaving a refreshed and subtly sweet aftertaste. This gin’s mastery lies in its ability to balance a rich tapestry of flavors, creating a nuanced profile that is both bold and delicate.

Botanical Brilliance

The botanicals at the heart of the Purist Gin Glasgow Special Edition—yuzu, almond, and cassia—offer a glimpse into the distiller’s artistry. These ingredients, sourced from far-flung locales such as Italy, Japan, and Turkey, are woven together with traditional gin botanicals to create a spirit that is both deeply rooted in gin tradition and daringly modern. The use of almond powder in the distillation process is particularly noteworthy, lending the gin a smoothness and lightness that elevate its mouthfeel.

Cocktail Compatibility

The unique blend of botanicals in the Purist Gin Glasgow Special Edition, including yuzu and cassia, lends itself beautifully to a range of cocktails. From a refined Gin & Tonic that highlights its citrus undertones to a complex Negroni where its subtle flavors play well with bitter and sweet notes, this gin is a mixologist’s delight. Its versatility encourages exploration in both classic and inventive drinks, promising a delightful cocktail experience.

Conclusion and Rating

The Purist Gin Glasgow Special Edition is a striking example of what happens when tradition meets innovation. It is a gin that respects the past while boldly stepping into the future, offering a tasting experience that is as thought-provoking as it is enjoyable. This gin earns a solid 4.5/5 rating, recommended for those who appreciate the art and science of gin-making and are eager to explore the boundaries of flavor and aroma.

In summary, the Purist Gin Glasgow Special Edition is not just a gin; it’s a testament to the creative spirit of Glasgow, a city known for its dynamic blend of art, culture, and innovation. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as part of a meticulously crafted cocktail, this gin offers a journey through flavors that are as rich and varied as the landscape of Scotland itself.

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