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Prairie Gin

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Minnesota. It’s quintessentially American, and hardly the place you’d expect to find a promising new gin. But then you meet Prairie Gin.

Made with a local corn spirit and bursting with sage, sustainably-sourced herbs, and hardy juniper, each bottle of this hand-crafted spirit delivers the smells, flavors and aura of the northern plains. It’s sweeter and smoother than a routine gin but retains the resinous juniper so many of us love.

It’s also worth mentioning that Prairie’s team has excellent relationships with their local farms. This small company cares about how people are treated, how ingredients are sourced, and how it makes you feel. The answer to all three: good.


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While Prairie organic and of the earth, it’s sophisticated enough for a smooth martini – that’s how we take our Prairie Gin. We’d love for you to sample the same – perhaps while birdwatching in your nearby countryside – and let us know your thoughts.

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