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Contemporary Gin
Monti Gin

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As a London Dry out of Spain (Madrid, to be specific), this is a gin that will offer you the similar flavors you’ve come to expect in a London Dry. However, if you’ve been sampling different London Dry gins you’ll find the subtle changes come in the handful of secondary botanicals used. You’ll have the classic staples like juniper, cardamon, and even some cinnamon, but beyond this Monti has a few secret botanicals up its sleeves that it simply isn’t talking about (it has 15 botanicals total). As long as it hits your taste buds just right, does it even matter what the other botanicals are?

Pairs Well With

It has a bit of a grass meets citrus forward taste to it. You know what that means? After you drink up your healthy green-grass shake, reward yourself with a gimlet served up with this Monti London Dry Gin out of Spain.

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